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Ten American Companies That Won’t Cut Jobs


Layoffs at big companies are so common now that it is novel when a day goes by without Microsoft (MSFT), Caterpillar (CAT), or Macy’s (MC) letting thousands of people go. There are a relatively small number of America’s largest companies which will almost certainly not have significant layoffs. One of them might close an office in Turkey, another could replace telephone operators with an automated system, but each is in a unique position that makes it highly unlikely for them to want or need to fire employees.

Some of the companies on the list are simply doing so well that they cannot afford to do without all the people that they have. Not only will these companies be unlikely to fire people but some may actually be hiring. The other firms included have large amounts of cash on their balance sheets and have elected to use the slow economy to develop new products and services to take share away from financially weaker competitors. A few of the companies on this list had modest job cuts last year. None of them were significant and are highly unlikely to happen again.

Employees at these firms are as close to being “safe” from being thrown into the job market as almost anyone in the country.

Cisco, Visa, Apple,  Apollo,  (APOL), (a large education company almost no one has heard of), Altria,   Google,  Colgate,  Verizon, Amgen,  and Corinthian College.

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