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Layoffs Not an Option for Some US Companies


Revenue may be down and the pressure to slash costs intense, but some U.S. companies say job cuts are not an option. Companies that have avoided layoffs amid this recession are the exception, not the rule. U.S. employers have cut 5.1 million jobs since the recession began, including 663,000 last month alone. But some are looking to shave costs while keeping their work forces intact, so that when the economy does turn around, they’ll be ready to ratchet up production again.

Economists say that’s a wise move. “If you overshoot on the downside and lay off workers, it puts the company at a disadvantage when the economy comes back to life,” said Sean Snaith, economics professor at the University of Central Florida. Continue reading


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Weekly Roundup

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How To Find a Job

I just happened to stumble upon this amazing article yesterday as I was cooling my heels waiting to board a flight to New Jersey.

I had picked up the latest copy of Fortune magazine (the headline “How to Find a Job” caught my attention), and was THRILLED to see so many of the ideas and tips we’ve espoused here laid out in the article.

This is a MUST READ for every job seeker out there.  We’ve talked endlessly here about the hidden job market, the resume black hole, and why it is vital that you find creative ways to reach the people responsible for hiring decisions.

So take a few minutes to read every line of this article. And please, go back and read some of the posts we’ve put up here, including:

Apply Now: The Black Hole

Google Power Job Search Tips

Sallie Mae To Add 2,000 US Jobs  (warning: this will give you one of the “secrets” to locating real people in a company!)

Job Search Secret: Trade Shows

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3,706 Social Networking Jobs

Social networking jobs via Indeed Job Trends.

Read more to see where the jobs are located.

Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup

In case you missed them, here are the top posts (in descending order) our readers viewed last week:


Sallie Mae To Add 2,000 US Jobs 


Disrupt the Status Quo — Avoid The Resume Black Hole


Call Centers Hiring


An Open Letter to Human Resources Leadership


Yahoo! HotJobs Top 100 Companies Hiring Now

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Are Recruiters Listening?

Job Boards Are Obsolete

To those who use job boards, whether as a recruiter or job seeker, the statement that job boards are obsolete should not come as a surprise.

To their credit, sites like Monster and CareerBuilder revolutionized the process of bringing candidates and employers together. Downstream, they spawned entire new industries and businesses. At their inception, the concept of Internet-based recruiting and job searching was, to say the least, earth-moving.

Some of us here grudgingly admit being around before these sites were hatched. Before the Internet was a reality and personal computers were mass-produced (and affordable), we vividly remember TYPING resumes (on an IBM Selectric or word processor), and bringing them to print shops for volume copying on heavy-weight, wheat-colored paper. And no, we didn’t forget the matching envelopes!

Each day, we would search the NEWSPAPERS (yes, dear readers, hard copy) for job listings and circle the ones for which we wished to apply. The last part of the “application” process was TYPING a cover letter for each application, getting it in the (snail) mail, and waiting for a call to come in. One important distinction, though, was that each resume was sent to a REAL PERSON. After a few days, a job seeker actually had the ability to CALL and SPEAK to that person to follow up on the resume.

What a concept.

Imagine a world today where you see a job, apply for it, and make contact with a real person. Back then, in the space of a few days, a job seeker knew the outcome of a job application. Today…well, they never really know, do they?

So why, compared with last year, is down 3.5% for unique site visitors compared to last year?

And why is down 23.8% for unique site visitors?    (Source:

Visits are down because job boards, as we know them, are bursting at the seams with job postings that, quite frankly, read like any other. Other than a glitzy posting or link to a company’s career site, there is no longer anything innovative or helpful for an employer. Lots of static, no signal. As a result, they have become highly ineffective–for both parties. Continue reading

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Weekly Roundup

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Disrupt the Status Quo — Avoid The Resume Black Hole

An Open Letter to Human Resources Leadership

Yahoo! HotJobs Top 100 Companies Hiring Now

Recruiters: How Big Is Your Black Hole?

Help-Wanted: Fraud Investigators

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An Open Letter to Human Resources Leadership

How Technology Has Destroyed the Recruiting Process


By relying on job boards and an Applicant Tracking System to select candidates, recruiters and hiring managers are missing out on the resumes of candidates best suited for an opening.


For the most part, job boards have remained essentially unchanged for the last 5-10 years. While their appearance and some functionality have been enhanced, the basic premise is the same: recruiters post a job, search for resumes, and candidates apply to job postings.


Years ago, when the early adopters were signing up for Monster in droves, they were helping to ensure that, in a relatively short amount of time, Monster and its competitors would run out of steam and, in the end, fail to adequately serve either party looking to take advantage of the recruiting technology and promised simplicity for speedy job and candidate searches.


Oh sure, back in their heyday, Monster, CareerBuilder, and Yahoo! Hotjobs were THE landing page for recruiters and job seekers alike. Then the aggregators arrived. Sites like FlipDog, Indeed, SimplyHired, and DirectEmployers showed great promise by simplifying the job search down to just a handful of sites, rather than the need for a job seeker to directly visit dozens of boards and/or company career sites. While it simplified the search itself, it did nothing to improve the end result for job seekers, as the URL at an aggregator’s site brings job seekers to the same dead end they now find themselves at: the dreaded Resume Black Hole.


Conversely, applicants have set up search agents that automatically submit their resumes for positions matching keywords that THEY have selected. Now we have software applications talking to each other–or past each other–without human intervention that will determine if, in fact, a potential match exists.


So, we have seen the future, and it is not about technology. At least in part, because the advantages of using this technology have all but disappeared.


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Paying for Interviews?

Outrageous….So now they think job seekers will PAY for interviews??

From the About Us page: has been launched with the goal of creating a more fun and hip job search tool than other “stuffy” job boards and recruiting solutions that exist out there. We’re providing a new and innovative approach by allowing Job Seekers the ability to bid on interview times through our BiddingOnJobs service, which guarantees them an in-person interview with a company for a small fee (emphasis mine).

Job Seekers can also use our Moneybackjobs service, which allows them to receive a Moneyback bonus of anywhere from 4%-10% of their starting salary for accepting a new job that’s been posted by an Employer on our website!

My advice: Don’t go there. Employers post jobs for free….do they think people will PAY to get an interview with them?? Under their FAQs, they say “Winning interview bids must be paid for with a credit card before your name and contact information will be released to a company.” 

Oh, and by the way, you’re not allowed to post your resume on another job board if you sign up for an extra “moneyback bonus”.

While we typically focus on positive information here at The Job Exchange, we wanted to make sure you were aware of  this…um…opportunity. ‘Nuff said.

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The Ten Companies That Will Lead The US Out Of The Recession

There are an extremely small number of companies likely to do relatively well during the recession, either because they are the market share leaders in their industries by a wide margin, or they are in businesses that sell products and services that are a necessary part of everyday life. The signals of a recovery will probably come from companies that are No. 2 or 3 in their industries. It will be telling if they can begin to show even slightly improving trends operating in the shadow of larger competitors. The other area of corporate America worth watching is the sectors that have done substantially worse than most, which includes airlines, automobiles, and media companies.

Looking though a list of some of America’s largest companies to find firms which fit these descriptions, 24/7 Wall St. identified ten companies to watch for signs of an economic recovery. A reasonable quarter or a slightly better-than-expected outlook from some of these companies should show that the recession is coming to a close.

Some of the companies on this list may surprise you:

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Your Inner Entrepreneur

What choices are available to the unemployed in a barren job market? The company you once worked for—or the one at which you are now employed—has dictated that you now consider and carry out your own Plan B.


Obviously, looking for a job is essential. Many of the people visiting this site are stymied with their efforts at locating gainful employment (versus just finding a “job”). At the same time, they are dealing with a sort of grief—similar to that experienced with a death—after being cut off from co-workers and a career they expected would last a lifetime. To a certain extent, this sense of loss determines how people deal with this disruption, as its effects are economically and psychologically devastating.


Some of you reading this are still employed but sense your time is coming, as well. For you, your company’s actions will dictate your next move: will you remain employed, need to find a new job, or relocate for new work? Your company will also dictate your immediate future and ability to pay bills, keep up with your mortgage or rent, buy food and gas, etc.


However, with gainful employment out of reach for so many, people are now exploring entrepreneurial options that, prior to this, did not seem terribly practical. Now, out of necessity or sheer frustration, they are.

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> Top 10 Social Sites for Finding a Job 

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Are Recruiters Becoming Irrelevant?

The Job Search Revolution Shifts to Company Career Sites


Liberally Borrowed From CareerAlley (big hat tip!)


One of the most dramatic changes in the job search process in the last few months has been the shift from recruiters to company career sites.


Recruiters still have jobs, but not as many as they have traditionally had, as some companies need to save recruiting dollars where they can.  Agency recruiters are usually easier and more productive to work with because they represent multiple employers and can send your resume to a wider selection. As well,they are in direct contact with the HR gatekeepers and typically are not constrained by an employer’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS). That said, because employers are cutting costs wherever they can, many no longer rely on agency recruiters to find candidates.


Conversely, applying at individual company sites is a bit more challenging, as you must individually apply at each site. And, of course, you are competing with all of the other resumes that have been submitted there. With an agency recruiter, you will receive feedback fairly quickly as to if you are under consideration for a position.  With a company’s ATS, you will receive an automated response thanking you for your application.


Continue reading

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Apply Now: The Black Hole

The definition of a black hole is “a region of space in which the gravitational field is so powerful that nothing…can escape its pull after having fallen past its event horizon.”  (

In relation to job hunting, the term ‘black hole’ has now taken on a new meaning—and reality—for job seekers using the ‘Apply Now’ button on job boards or company websites. How many resumes have you submitted recently? How many times have you heard back from a real person?? As you can see from the postings on this site, there ARE companies out there that are hiring, and one of the things we are attempting to achieve at The Job Exchange is to not only suggest alternatives to traditional job search techniques, but to begin to instill the concept of successfully using those techniques. One of those techniques, which will be addressed in a future posting, will discuss how to find—and use—the actual name and contact information of corporate recruiters and hiring managers.

Despite corporate recruiters’ lament that they can’t find qualified people to fill their most pressing openings, many—if not most—rely on the automated responses spit out of their Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to notify applicants that their resume has been received. Not reviewed, just received. This response is typically the only one an applicant will ever receive from a company. Most of us simply shrug our shoulders and accept the fact that no other communication will be forthcoming. Remember how Albert Einstein defined insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Continue reading

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Indeed: Where The Jobs Are

From, the Google-like job search engine, launched a new product called Industry Trends. This nifty report shows the job postings by industry category and the change in postings in that category year-over-year.  It also shows other stats, like the number of clicks on those jobs, the top searches in each category, and the top regional areas for jobs in that category.

It’s a great tool and can show you which areas have been impacted less than others in the recent downturn.  It also gives you some insight in to the interest in the space vs. the number of available jobs.

For people working in rapidly declining industries, it will help them identify industries in better shape to which they can try to transition.

You can click on any industry to get more detail. For instance, in the IT industry, while job postings have decreased 43 percent, clicks on job postings have increased 84 percent to 9.8 million. The most clicks are coming from New York City (San Francisco is No. 7 in terms of clicks). Some of the most sought after jobs, as measured by the top keyword searches are project manager, business analyst, engineer, and graphic design.

Ed. Note: Click on any industry category and Indeed will display all jobs within that category.

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