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Jobs at Discount Retail Companies

From the Family Dollar website:

Family Dollar, a Fortune 500 company, is headquartered just outside of Charlotte, NC, and is one of the fastest growing discount retail chains in the United States. Family Dollar operates over 6,600 stores in a contiguous 44-state area ranging northeast to Maine, southeast to Florida, as far northwest as Idaho and southwest to Arizona. 

A visit to their career pages will show hundreds of openings across the country. This includes openings in their stores, distribution centers, or home office.  A profile posted on their website provides a nice overview of what they’re about:

Over 6,600 stores located in 44 states.
Competitive Pay and Benefits for full & part-time associates
Excellent Growth Potential
Committed to promoting from within
Hands-on Training Programs
Merit-based promotions and regular Performance Appraisals
Successful, Stable Company

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Who’s still hiring in this tough economy?


Though it is no longer a job seeker’s market, hiring has not come to a standstill. The choices of jobs may not be as numerous, but they are still out there – from smaller mom-and-pops to larger government organizations like the U.S. Census Bureau.

Private companies in health care, human resources, technology, time-shares, security, retail stores, restaurants, and supermarkets are still looking for people to hire, as others scale back and trim down their staff. The hospitality sector has been hardest hit, with retail not far behind, as national chains announce closures and cutbacks. Though some hotel workers have been able to keep their jobs, hours have been scaled back, or pay reduced.

For so long, unemployment was low, and employers would take anyone with a pulse. Job seekers got used to that. Now we’re back to higher unemployment rates, and you’ve got to work harder to find a job. Job listings are not coming in as rapidly as they did during boom times but you can still find them out there if you look hard enough. You just have to use all the resources available to you, from traditional classifieds to online job boards, and continuing to build your network.

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