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Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac: 3,000+ Jobs

From the New York Times:

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are suffering from an exodus of senior and midlevel managers. The companies have been unable to replace executives who have either been pushed aside as part of last year’s government takeover, or who sought refuge at less stigmatized companies offering better pay and a more predictable future.

News articles are another great resource for finding the elusive hidden job market. A quick search at shows that Fannie Mae has over 1,300 openings

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3,706 Social Networking Jobs

Social networking jobs via Indeed Job Trends.

Read more to see where the jobs are located.

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Google Power Job Search Tips

How many of you use Google for job searching? While the majority of our readers may use Google all the time, are you taking advantage of its advanced search features in relation to your job search?

Watch this YouTube video to see how to drill down to obtain more meaningful job search results.

While you’re there, be sure to watch the companion video on how to automate your Google searches via Google Alerts and receive results via email.  Note: Unless you want to be innundated with emails, I recommend setting the alerts to once per day. I originally used the “as it happens” option and instantly had a tsunami of alerts in my inbox.

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Indeed: Where The Jobs Are

From, the Google-like job search engine, launched a new product called Industry Trends. This nifty report shows the job postings by industry category and the change in postings in that category year-over-year.  It also shows other stats, like the number of clicks on those jobs, the top searches in each category, and the top regional areas for jobs in that category.

It’s a great tool and can show you which areas have been impacted less than others in the recent downturn.  It also gives you some insight in to the interest in the space vs. the number of available jobs.

For people working in rapidly declining industries, it will help them identify industries in better shape to which they can try to transition.

You can click on any industry to get more detail. For instance, in the IT industry, while job postings have decreased 43 percent, clicks on job postings have increased 84 percent to 9.8 million. The most clicks are coming from New York City (San Francisco is No. 7 in terms of clicks). Some of the most sought after jobs, as measured by the top keyword searches are project manager, business analyst, engineer, and graphic design.

Ed. Note: Click on any industry category and Indeed will display all jobs within that category.

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