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I just happened to stumble upon this amazing article yesterday as I was cooling my heels waiting to board a flight to New Jersey.

I had picked up the latest copy of Fortune magazine (the headline “How to Find a Job” caught my attention), and was THRILLED to see so many of the ideas and tips we’ve espoused here laid out in the article.

This is a MUST READ for every job seeker out there.  We’ve talked endlessly here about the hidden job market, the resume black hole, and why it is vital that you find creative ways to reach the people responsible for hiring decisions.

So take a few minutes to read every line of this article. And please, go back and read some of the posts we’ve put up here, including:

Apply Now: The Black Hole

Google Power Job Search Tips

Sallie Mae To Add 2,000 US Jobs  (warning: this will give you one of the “secrets” to locating real people in a company!)

Job Search Secret: Trade Shows


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Wells Fargo + Record Profits = JOBS


Stocks surged Thursday to their highest levels in two months after banking giant Wells Fargo & Co. surprised the market with an early profit report that blew past analysts’ expectations thanks to a strong increase in its lending business.

A quick peek at Wells’ career site displays hundreds of job openings throughout the country. As well, go back to their main career page and you can also view the Wachovia openings. (As of January 1, 2009 , Wachovia is part of Wells Fargo.)

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Disrupt the Status Quo — Avoid The Resume Black Hole

This article appeared on back in 2007. Despite its age, it remains highly relevant today. I’m posting this here as a segue to an upcoming series of posts on how to use search engines, such as Google, to find names and contact information for recruiters and hiring managers at a company you may be targeting.

In a 2006 survey examining the sources of hiring within corporations, the consulting firm CareerXroads found nearly 34 percent of open positions were filled internally. Just over 25 percent of the remaining open jobs were filled by employee referrals. Add in the fact that just over 5 percent were filled by re-hires. Total it up and you’ll see candidates without an inside track are in heavy competition for the remaining slots.

“I refer to this phenomenon as the ‘Stacy factor,'” says Asher. “There’s an open position in a company and 10,000 resumes are placed into an electronic funnel. After being sorted, four resumes fall out of the system and land on the boss’s desk for review. Then, in walks Stacy, who says to her boss, ‘Here’s a friend of mine. I think he’d be great for the job.’ With that, Stacy hands the boss her friend’s resume. Now, who do you think has the inside track for that job?” The moral of the story, Asher says: You need to find Stacy.

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Google Power Job Search Tips

How many of you use Google for job searching? While the majority of our readers may use Google all the time, are you taking advantage of its advanced search features in relation to your job search?

Watch this YouTube video to see how to drill down to obtain more meaningful job search results.

While you’re there, be sure to watch the companion video on how to automate your Google searches via Google Alerts and receive results via email.  Note: Unless you want to be innundated with emails, I recommend setting the alerts to once per day. I originally used the “as it happens” option and instantly had a tsunami of alerts in my inbox.

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Who’s Hiring from the “Best Companies”


Generally speaking, while all company-posted positions found on the job boards will be found on a company’s career site, not all opportunities on company career sites will be found on job boards. For that reason, you need to review company career sites as a regular part of your job search plan. First up is another resource for researching and creating your company list, followed by some company career sites.

  • Best Companies – This resource, provided by, provides a “list of lists” of best companies. This is as good a place as any to start (or continue) your research regarding the best companies to work for.
  • FedEx – Included on the “America’s Most Admired Companies” list, FedEx’s career site leads with a tab for Job Search, followed by tabs for My Job Agent, Job Cart, Areas of Talent (a list of the company’s departments), Locations and a list of the various FedEx companies. The site also has background information on the company. The Job Search function allows you to paste your resume, against which the search engine will try to align job opportunities. A quick search returned 56 jobs for both FedEx and Kinkos.
  • Procter and Gamble (P&G) – Included on the “America’s Most Admired Companies” list, P&G’s career site starts with “Find a Job and Apply”. The center of the page focuses on company information.  Their site had over 1,000 jobs globally; you can refine the search not only by location, but also by Experienced Hires, College Grads, Internships and Student Programs. You can register on the site and post your resume.
  • Google – Included on both the “America’s Most Admired Companies” list and the “100 Best Companies to Work for”, Google’s Jobs page looks very much like what you would expect from Google. A very clean interface and uncluttered main page, you can Browse openings from the center of the page (categorized by locations and departments) or select from Life at Google, Getting into Google and Student Jobs. You can create a jobs cart as well.
  • REMINDER: before submitting a resume, please refer to yesterday’s postApply Now: The Black Hole.”

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    The Best Companies to Work For are Hiring


    As many big companies are announcing mass layoffs, these 20 top employers have at least 350 openings each right now. Which Best Companies to Work For are doing the most recruiting and what kind of candidates are they looking for?

    Edward Jones – Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): 1,040

    Google – Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): 350

    Wegmans Food Markets – Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): 2,000

    Cisco Systems – Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): 500

    Genentech – Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): 585

    Methodist Hospital System – Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): 400

    Whole Foods Market – Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): 800

    Microsoft – Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): Thousands

    Burns & McDonnell – Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): 400

    Ernst & Young – Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): 2,800

    Booz Allen Hamilton – Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): 1,046

    KPMG – Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): Thousands

    PricewaterhouseCoopers – Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): 500 ( PricewaterhouseCoopers’ goal is to hire approximately 3,000)

    Scripps Health –Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): 442

    Mayo Clinic – Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): 1,000

    Baptist Health South Florida – Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): 728

    Bright Horizons – Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): 387

    Publix Super Markets – Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): 900+

    T-Mobile – Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): 2,163

    Accenture – Number of job openings (as of Jan. 13, 2009): Thousands

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    Ten American Companies That Won’t Cut Jobs


    Layoffs at big companies are so common now that it is novel when a day goes by without Microsoft (MSFT), Caterpillar (CAT), or Macy’s (MC) letting thousands of people go. There are a relatively small number of America’s largest companies which will almost certainly not have significant layoffs. One of them might close an office in Turkey, another could replace telephone operators with an automated system, but each is in a unique position that makes it highly unlikely for them to want or need to fire employees.

    Some of the companies on the list are simply doing so well that they cannot afford to do without all the people that they have. Not only will these companies be unlikely to fire people but some may actually be hiring. The other firms included have large amounts of cash on their balance sheets and have elected to use the slow economy to develop new products and services to take share away from financially weaker competitors. A few of the companies on this list had modest job cuts last year. None of them were significant and are highly unlikely to happen again.

    Employees at these firms are as close to being “safe” from being thrown into the job market as almost anyone in the country.

    Cisco, Visa, Apple,  Apollo,  (APOL), (a large education company almost no one has heard of), Altria,   Google,  Colgate,  Verizon, Amgen,  and Corinthian College.

    Read more at,8599,1880930,00.html

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    Google Hiring in Atlanta

    Google Goes On A (Mini) Hiring Binge in Atlanta
    It looks like the GOOG is starting to add onto its Atlanta staff by opening up seven new positions in its Atlanta data center.  I hadn’t realized that the Google data center in Atlanta was down on 10th street but once you see how close that is to Georgia Tech, you can see why since it’s ideally suited to attract PhD candidates as they graduate from school.

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