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Let’s start exchanging information that job seekers can use to connect with real people, not Applicant Tracking Systems.

For example, Fannie Mae has a ton of diverse openings across the US.  Does anyone have a recruiter name for Fannie Mae? How about a the name and contact info of a Hiring Manager?

What about other companies you’ve applied to? Do you have contact information you can share?

Are you looking for contact information for a company? If so, enter your request under the comments.

So, let’s start helping each other: If you have an interest in applying directly to a REAL PERSON, add a comment here.

Your comment or request should look something like this:





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Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac: 3,000+ Jobs

From the New York Times:

Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are suffering from an exodus of senior and midlevel managers. The companies have been unable to replace executives who have either been pushed aside as part of last year’s government takeover, or who sought refuge at less stigmatized companies offering better pay and a more predictable future.

News articles are another great resource for finding the elusive hidden job market. A quick search at shows that Fannie Mae has over 1,300 openings

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