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What choices are available to the unemployed in a barren job market? The company you once worked for—or the one at which you are now employed—has dictated that you now consider and carry out your own Plan B.


Obviously, looking for a job is essential. Many of the people visiting this site are stymied with their efforts at locating gainful employment (versus just finding a “job”). At the same time, they are dealing with a sort of grief—similar to that experienced with a death—after being cut off from co-workers and a career they expected would last a lifetime. To a certain extent, this sense of loss determines how people deal with this disruption, as its effects are economically and psychologically devastating.


Some of you reading this are still employed but sense your time is coming, as well. For you, your company’s actions will dictate your next move: will you remain employed, need to find a new job, or relocate for new work? Your company will also dictate your immediate future and ability to pay bills, keep up with your mortgage or rent, buy food and gas, etc.


However, with gainful employment out of reach for so many, people are now exploring entrepreneurial options that, prior to this, did not seem terribly practical. Now, out of necessity or sheer frustration, they are.

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