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Layoffs Not an Option for Some US Companies


Revenue may be down and the pressure to slash costs intense, but some U.S. companies say job cuts are not an option. Companies that have avoided layoffs amid this recession are the exception, not the rule. U.S. employers have cut 5.1 million jobs since the recession began, including 663,000 last month alone. But some are looking to shave costs while keeping their work forces intact, so that when the economy does turn around, they’ll be ready to ratchet up production again.

Economists say that’s a wise move. “If you overshoot on the downside and lay off workers, it puts the company at a disadvantage when the economy comes back to life,” said Sean Snaith, economics professor at the University of Central Florida. Continue reading


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An Open Letter to Human Resources Leadership

How Technology Has Destroyed the Recruiting Process


By relying on job boards and an Applicant Tracking System to select candidates, recruiters and hiring managers are missing out on the resumes of candidates best suited for an opening.


For the most part, job boards have remained essentially unchanged for the last 5-10 years. While their appearance and some functionality have been enhanced, the basic premise is the same: recruiters post a job, search for resumes, and candidates apply to job postings.


Years ago, when the early adopters were signing up for Monster in droves, they were helping to ensure that, in a relatively short amount of time, Monster and its competitors would run out of steam and, in the end, fail to adequately serve either party looking to take advantage of the recruiting technology and promised simplicity for speedy job and candidate searches.


Oh sure, back in their heyday, Monster, CareerBuilder, and Yahoo! Hotjobs were THE landing page for recruiters and job seekers alike. Then the aggregators arrived. Sites like FlipDog, Indeed, SimplyHired, and DirectEmployers showed great promise by simplifying the job search down to just a handful of sites, rather than the need for a job seeker to directly visit dozens of boards and/or company career sites. While it simplified the search itself, it did nothing to improve the end result for job seekers, as the URL at an aggregator’s site brings job seekers to the same dead end they now find themselves at: the dreaded Resume Black Hole.


Conversely, applicants have set up search agents that automatically submit their resumes for positions matching keywords that THEY have selected. Now we have software applications talking to each other–or past each other–without human intervention that will determine if, in fact, a potential match exists.


So, we have seen the future, and it is not about technology. At least in part, because the advantages of using this technology have all but disappeared.


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Help-Wanted: Fraud Investigators

From The New York Times

Recently, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced that the number of open mortgage-fraud investigations was more than 1,600 at the end of fiscal 2008, which ended Sept. 30, compared with 881 two years earlier. In addition, 530 corporate-fraud investigations were open, it said.

The bureau is recruiting people to help with these investigations, including those with experience in computer science and accounting. People who speak a foreign language and those who are certified fraud examiners also have an advantage. Certification is a credential offered by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners that notes proficiency and experience in fraud prevention, detection and deterrence.

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Financial Woes Spur Some Short-term Hiring

While millions of jobs are being lost in the abysmal economy, a lower-profile trend involves companies – especially smaller ones – hiring temporary workers in response to the crisis.

Employers that are determined to keep fixed-staffing costs at a bare minimum may need to expand their work forces from time to time, as dictated by, say, short-term spikes that might reflect the demands of a particular client or customer. Some companies, being extra careful about full-time hiring that might not be worth the investment, find it appealing to first try employees out, with no obligation. For other firms, extraordinary human-capital needs may arise out of structural changes to their businesses or other special circumstances driven by the recession.


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When to Apply for a Census Job

The US Census is a major 10-year counting and analysis project that takes place across the United States and requires many employees. In 2010, it will require a greater number than ever before. While most recruiting for 2009 field operations has ended, limited recruiting continues in select areas. Information on these areas will be provided as it becomes available.  

Thousands are needed for temporary jobs.

Spring 2009 – Census workers nationwide go door-to-door to update addresses . Some will have already quit and will need to be replaced.

Autumn 2009 – Recruitment starts begins for census takers for 2010.

February – March 2010 – Census questionnaires are mailed or delivered.

April 1, 2010 – The official Census Day.

April – July 2010 – Census takers go to all households that did not mail back a completed. Again, some wiorkers will have already quit and will need to be replaced.

To apply for a Census Job click on the link or call toll-free at 1-866-861-2010.

Census takers receive competitive pay on a weekly basis. In addition, you will be reimbursed for authorized mileage and related expenses.

Besides good pay, you’ll have flexible hours, paid training, and the chance to work within your own community. You’ll earn a place in history, as well as work experience you can add to your resume.

NOTE: With a little bit of Googling I found out that the average salary for census workers jobs in Fayetteville, NC is $38,000 (typical hourly pay is about $15 – depends on the region). Average census workers salaries can vary greatly due to company, location, industry, experience and benefits. Vehicle and related expenses are also covered and workers get paid weekly.

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The Online Job Search Myth


The myth of online job searching is that the speed and ease of sending off a resume – or of posting an open position, for that matter – makes the overall online job-posting and job-hunting process painless. Would that it were so. Ten years ago, online job searching was all the rage. It still is – in terms of the hours job-seekers spend sending resumes to employers via Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs and the other mega career sites. But something significant has changed.

Job-seekers have figured out that in many cases, your chance of getting a job by zipping off a bunch of resumes online is about the same as your chance of being recruited for Major League Baseball. Recruiters have figured out that the time and expense of screening hundreds of resumes makes the big job websites far less appealing than they might be. Both job-seekers and recruiters are looking for alternatives, and they’re finding them. In fact, job-seekers can waste countless hours carefully composing cover letters to send in response to jobs posted online, only to finally deduce the truth: most resumes sent electronically via career sites never get read. How could they be read? Corporate recruiters can’t keep up with the volume of resumes they receive. The process of sending off a resume, so easy on the job-seeker side, makes the recruiter’s task all the more difficult. Thus job websites have the unintended effect of depressing job-seekers’ spirits by making them feel that even sending 100 resumes out into cyberspace won’t net them a single response. And often, it doesn’t


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J.P.MorganChase : 2,717 Jobs

JPMorgan JPMorgan Chase & Co. is a leading global financial services firm with assets of $2.2 trillion and operations in more than 60 countries. 

 These jobs are located across the country, so be sure to filter your search by location.

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The Obama Effect: New Job Trends to Watch in 2009


The Obama Effect: New Job Trends to Watch in 2009

Jobfox, the Internet’s fastest-growing career site, predicts the top Obama-inspired new job trends to watch in 2009. The list includes the job sectors and key professions that are most likely to grow as a result of President-elect Barack Obama’s economic stimulus policies.

The Obama administration has said it will “hit the ground running” with what experts project to be a $700 billion job stimulus package. The new administration’s goals are to create or save 2.5 million jobs over the next two years.

According to Jobfox, the most wanted new jobs, listed by major Obama initiatives, will include:


“Epic changes are ahead throughout the professional landscape,” said Rob McGovern, CEO of Jobfox. “It’s just like 1991, when we didn’t know the Internet was coming. New job titles will emerge, many of which haven’t been invented yet. Savvy professionals will be prepared to take advantage of new opportunities.”

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2,446 Jobs in the “Foreclosure Market”

Consider the following graph:



Try this: click on this link (or copy it into your browser)

You can refine your search by adding your state or zip code.  Try running a search on other topics and see what Indeed spits out — it may be one more useful tool in your job search kit.

Indeed is a job aggregator that pulls in jobs from other boards and company web sites.  If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s a great “go-to” place that simplifies your job search.

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