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Welcome to The Job Exchange!

While no single list, website, or resource will contain everything a job seeker needs for an effective job search, our goal is to offer tools and techniques that will make your search easier. We will also provide information about how to tap into the hidden job market and move beyond the big boards and other “traditional” job search methods.

While the Internet has become an increasingly leading force in a job search, it can not replace the direct contact that can be made with a hiring manager. And, while networking does open doors, there are other ways to penetrate the hidden job market and the people behind those jobs. We’ll discuss the various research techniques that can be employed to locate both job opportunities and potential contacts for those jobs.

There are many alternatives to traditional job search techniques. Consider: It is estimated that only about  20% of openings are advertised. This means the remaining 80% are filled through other means. Given this, we will focus on the positives: that there ARE jobs available and, by knowing the best places to find those jobs by state, company, or industry, you will be in a better position to launch a successful job search.

At The Job Exchange, readers can find—and share—information about jobs, job sites, resources, etc. Readers can help other visitors to The Job Exchange site by writing about openings they may know of, or perhaps adding information about their current employer’s hiring status — is a company hiring, laying off, or freezing new hires? Will it survive the downturn? What are you hearing from the grapevine?

Be sure to comment on what you find helpful or, perhaps, new topics you’d like us to cover.  

So join us — and join the conversation! Contact us at

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