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5 Statistics that Matter for Your Job Search

Each year for the past nine years CareerXroads has conducted a survey about the sources of new hires. The most recent survey, “Meltdown in 2009 and What It Means for a 2010 Recovery” (full report available here), solicited source of hire stats for 43 large companies, who collectively filled 176,000 positions in 2009. While the sample size is small, and arguments can and have been made about the accuracy and applicability of the statistics, the survey results are nevertheless revealing, and have some  important implications for how job seekers invest their job hunt energy.


Internal transfers and promotions were the source of 51% of all full-time hires in 2009. This is up by 19% from 2006.

Referrals account for 26.7% of all external hires, and yield an average of one hire for every 15 received.

Job boards and corporate career sites accounted for 22.3% and 13.2% of new hires respectively, 35.5% in total.

Third party recruiters accounted for 2.3% of all external hires in 2009, down from 5.2% in 2005.

2.3% of external new hires were people who walked in the door.

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