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Let’s start exchanging information that job seekers can use to connect with real people, not Applicant Tracking Systems.

For example, Fannie Mae has a ton of diverse openings across the US.  Does anyone have a recruiter name for Fannie Mae? How about a the name and contact info of a Hiring Manager?

What about other companies you’ve applied to? Do you have contact information you can share?

Are you looking for contact information for a company? If so, enter your request under the comments.

So, let’s start helping each other: If you have an interest in applying directly to a REAL PERSON, add a comment here.

Your comment or request should look something like this:





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  1. A member of Job Angels asked for a contact at Ace Hardware in the Chicago area. I ran a Google search and came up with a great contact list. Take a look at

    Lots of good names there.

    Comment by Bear | 04/21/2009 | Reply

  2. Another Job Angels member wrote: I would love to find a real body recruiting for Metro South Medical Center in Blue Island (Chicago suburb).

    Our crack “investigative” team responded with a recruiter’s email address:

    Also check out It appears to be “The Illinois Nurse” newsletter! A great source for contacts!!

    Comment by Bear | 04/21/2009 | Reply

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