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Job Hunters Trapped in a Resume Black Hole


Employers: What (or who) is it you need that you can’t find?

When I’m with human resource professionals, I hear — despite the mounting unemployment rate and job eliminations — that they’re having trouble filling current needs.

Apparently, the 7.2 percent of the labor force who are out of work and looking to become re-employed aren’t what employers need.

Or it could be that the old saw reigns: You’ll hear again and again from recruiters that someone is more employable when they’re working than when they’re not.

That’s sand in the wounds of many fine, but currently unemployed, job hunters who lost jobs through no performance fault of their own. Unfortunately, there’s usually a first-glance suspicion that joblessness is the worker’s fault.

Many of the job hunters I meet understand that. They desperately want the opportunity to make their case. But they can’t get that far.

Today’s hiring systems in many of the big companies have become impersonal, computer-based filtering systems.

A question for our readers: What do you think is the solution to this growing problem? How do you catch the attention of overwhelmed recruiters?

We feel that an automated email saying a resume or application was received is acceptable. 

That said, a follow-up response explaining why a candidate appears not to match position requirements is not only polite, it is the professional thing to do. 

A blogger suggests that resumes perhaps

“get put into a time capsule and launched into space to the Alpha Centauri system to show our galactic neighbors how naïve and foolish humans are. For all we know, it goes to this big digital drainpipe on the outskirts of the internet where it falls into the black void and disappears completely.”

He also says, “If you’re sick and tired of useless job search sites, join with me in ranting. Tell us about your failed relationship with those deadbeat job sites…”

Your thoughts??

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