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Recruiters: How Big Is Your Black Hole?

Readers here may recall our post, “Apply Now: The Black Hole.” In seaching cyberspace today (perhaps for those missing resumes!), I stumbled across this article at that was written back in the stone ages (2001) that discusses the very problem we are attempting to address here.

As you read this, keep in mind that the audience for this article was recruiters.


Is your organization suffering from “black hole” syndrome? So does having a lot of resumes in your database imply that you have a black hole in your recruiting process?  Let’s look at some symptoms of this syndrome:

Significant and consistent complaints from internal and/or external candidates stating that they submit a resume or on-line application and never hear from the company again.

When the same candidates phone up the company to follow up, it’s difficult or impossible for anyone to verify that their information actually made it into the system and when.


When conducting a phone screen or interview on a fresh candidate received a few days ago, it is revealed that they submitted their resume months ago.

Job seekers receive acknowledgements weeks or months after submitting their information.

In general, there is an attitude that you “can’t trust the system.”

Recruiters rarely recycle leads from the existing resume database.

If the recruiters are actually searching the database, they only search for resumes that are 7, 14, or 30 days old.

Resume processing metrics show high duplication rates (such as over 30%).

Candidates who had been sitting in the company database all along are hired from agencies.

The CEOs nephew writes a strong letter to his uncle because nothing ever happened with his resume.

Readers, do any of these “symptoms” strike a nerve with you? Think of all the resumes piling up in recruiters’ databases since 2001.

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  1. Wow. The database probably crashed back in 2001 and they’ve been working with corrupt data ever since. It would explain a lot.

    Comment by Ecommerce Job ... Where Are You? | 04/02/2009 | Reply

  2. Feeding the beast. Applicant Tracking Systems are hungry for resumes!

    Comment by Bear | 04/03/2009 | Reply

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