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Professional and industry associations and societies are usually plentiful and very useful for job seekers. They can help you in more traditional situations when you add the association’s name to your resume (in a professional or industry affiliations category, for example), and that name is used as a keyword by a recruiter searching through an applicant database on a Web search engine.

Seven out of 10 people in the U.S.A. belong to at least 1 organization, and 25% are members of 4 or more. So, local and national organizations, associations, and societies are great places to make connections to your next job – even your child’s school parent-teacher organizations.

Job-Hunt links to over 600 national and international associations, most of which have local chapters where you can meet people face-to-face.

See the job search networking articles from Liz Ryan, Job-Hunt’s Networking Pro for ideas and strategies on meeting people and becoming comfortable attending meetings, particularly if you’re a bit on the shy side.

The associations and societies on this page first appeared in sequential editions of Job-Hunt’s twice-a-month emailed newsletter. They are listed below by industry/profession category. Check the appropriate Specialized Job Site categorys for more career and employment links relevant to a particular industry, profession, or group.

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