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What’s Working in Today’s Job Search?

Searching for a new job is a time-intensive process that requires consistency and determination.

What will your winning strategy be? 

  • An updated, well-written resume that includes results-oriented examples of competencies*
  • Positive attitude that keeps you going through the tough days
  • Consistent and regular meetings with your contacts to keep them in a networking loop
  • Clearly communicating your job search goals in terms of the value you bring to the field
  • Thorough research of the companies with whom you are/will be interviewing
  • Impeccable follow through after meetings with thank you emails and phone calls
  • Being prepared for anything that came along during meetings
  • Realistic notions about how long your job search will take.

Abridged: Blethen Maine Newspapers

* While skills and competencies are very different, many people use them interchangeably. A skill is more task-oriented, such as knowledge of Word or Excel. A competency is more of a trait, such as flexibility or adaptability.

Talent managers are starting to find that when they develop employees around competencies versus skills — self-direction, adaptability and problem-solving ability versus how to perform a specific task — those employees become much more transferable across different parts of the organization.  Talent managers are often more willing to invest in training around teachable skills.  

See Nature vs. Nurture: The Debate Over Skills or Competencies

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