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From the TwitterJobSearch About Us page:

“Until now, search engines for social media sites merely looked for words.  We’re looking at context. We use semantic tools to look at what was said. We then look at what they’ve said before. We then look at who was saying it. “

From The Loan Wolf Librarian: TwitterJobSearch pulls up Tweets that are only job-related and links to the underlying job posting. Most of these seem to link to other job sites such as CareerBuilder or more niche job sites, which all seem to be using Twitter to post their latest openings. But with TwitterJobSearch, you search across all of them, and results are ranked by both relevance and by how recently they’ve been posted.

TwitterJobSearch goes where Google doesn’t!

Twitter now attracts more visitors than, with traffic increasing over 974 percent through 2008 (Hitwise) suggesting it will soon become a mainstream, mass market proposition. According to the GigaTweet counter, there have been over 1.3 billion tweets posted on Twitter, yet this wealth of raw data has previously only been searchable via keywords, trends, or popularity. Hashtags are useful for the categorization and searching of subjects, but there is no way of controlling the number of tags created or used per topic, while popular tags such as #jobs have quickly turned into catch-alls for anything vaguely ‘job-related’.

…This initial launch means that anyone online can now access the wealth of job opportunities posted onto Twitter, regardless of whether they are a member.

To keep your job search organized, check out GoogleDocs. Here’s a spreadsheet for your use.

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  1. TwitterJobSearch is great in theory, but using it, you can tell it just launched. Duplication is rampant. Finding 3, 4, 5 tweets for one job is not uncommon. Going further down the search results list, you may have no keywords in your results. It’s good to see there are a few filters, but the big one LOCATION is not an option, which due to Twitter’s nature is understandable, but frustrating. A search for “photo NY” resulted in the top 3 results as the same job, starting with tweet 9, it was a job in NY related to photo (“photo” not in the tweet), by tweet 19 it was a Korean/English tutor in another state. They’ll get there, just not yet.

    Comment by Ecommerce Job ... Where Are You? | 03/20/2009 | Reply

  2. True. It’s the first release post-beta. As with any product in its infancy, it will (hopefully) grow into a wonderful tool.

    Comment by Bear | 03/20/2009 | Reply

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