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Would You Work at AIG?

Give it some thought. They have 578 openings across the US (including 462 full-time positions).

If you click the link in this post, please come back and let us know what you think of potentially working for this company.

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  1. Would I work at AIG? Absolutely! Not every corner of the company is responsible for the decisions made by those in charge. The local management and staff are most likely embarrassed by the behavior of those who are way beyond their pay scale.
    At this point, with the struggles I have experienced as a small business owner (in my first year), I am uncertain as to whether or not I can stay afloat for much longer. I am looking at what is available in my area, and if the right job and circumstances align, I would accept an offer of employment. An attractive salary, benefits and environment are what will persuade me, and if AIG is the company who’s selling…so be it.

    Comment by wendywells | 03/19/2009 | Reply

  2. Absolutely not. I have no desire to work for a company that has acted in such a reprehensible and unscrupulous manner. They’re ridiculous. No seriously, I think they need to create a little more public outrage. Could they be a little less responsible?

    Comment by Ecommerce Job ... Where Are You? | 03/20/2009 | Reply

  3. I lean toward agreeing with Wendy. One division of the company has, unfortunately, ruined the name of AIG and of those who work there. The “angry mobs” are starting to threaten people directly…it’s so wrong.

    That said, a job seeker may have a decent chance of becoming employed at AIG, as many folks may be reluctant to work for a company that is (for now) the poster child of evil corporations. Less competition.

    Your thoughts?

    Comment by Bear | 03/20/2009 | Reply

  4. […] Would You Work at AIG? […]

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