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  1. So where are the jobs?

    National statistics point to health care as one of the rare bright spots in the tightening job market. Health care and education industries combined added over half a million new jobs in the past year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

    With Baltimore’s reputation as a leader in hospital services and the Maryland public school system’s recent ranking as No. 1 by Education Week, this trend is not surprising. One of the hottest areas is home health care for the sick and elderly. Insurance is also holding its own, with an increased demand for underwriters and customer support positions. And there’s always a demand for accountant and financial analysts.

    Careers in information technology, computer science, pharmaceuticals and in government are also reliable bets, said Darby Scism, director of Career Development Center at Loyola University in Chicago. “Sometimes we have a hard time convincing our students that [the federal government is] a fantastic place to work, but it really is,” Scism says. “They’re losing a lot of employees to retirement, and once you get your foot in the door it’s pretty easy to move around.”

    Still, many are having difficulty landing a job to begin with.

    “Companies are hiring, they’re just going to be carefully watching who they’re hiring,” cautioned staffing CEO Tom Gimbel. He added that you should be prepared to accept a contract position or to take a job at a lower salary rather than holding out for the big bucks. “It’s harder to get any job the longer you’re unemployed …”

    And it always helps to keep an open mind. Quinn Morlock, a recruiting specialist with Columbia-based Apex Systems, says “it could be a job message board, a job fair or your neighbor” that opens the door. She says “you never know where you are going to get your next job from.”

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