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Google the phrases ‘job hunt’ and ‘black hole’ and you’ll turn up 55,700 results. The reason for this confluence of terms, as any job hunter will tell you, is that applying for a position increasingly involves two phases.

Step one: Use the employer’s online application center to submit your carefully crafted résumé and cover letter. Step two: Sit and wait until the sun burns out and your bones turn to dust.

Behind the awesome silence, of course, is the miracle of automated screening.


Ed. Note: For those of you unfamiliar with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), they are the destination for many resumes submitted through job boards or company career websites. Many ATS products have built-in artificial intelligence that will allow recruiters to run reports that match resumes to job openings, thus saving them the time and effort of actually reading resumes.   So, statistically, there is a slim chance that your resume will ever be seen–unless it shows up in the recruiter’s resume/job matching report.

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